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Year of Decision: 2019

Weekly Writing 2018.12.17

Remember the old saying “it’s knot cutting time?” That, my friends, is what will be taking place in the year 2019. All the various policy moves which have taken place since 2009 are fading away. The economy is destined to be on its own for the first time in some time.


What is the Fed going to do this week? They have indicated in the past that they would raise rates this December. If they do, it will be a major mistake. Please note the following chart taken from the Bank of America. One of the closest things to being a sure thing happens to be an inverted yield curve, predicting a recession. Will it happen again? Maybe.


Enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year. Hope for the best, but look out for the worst.



The Best,

Don S. Peters

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